About Me

I am not sure if I can use the word “aspiring” anymore. I have completed and self published one Novel and one 2500 word short story. I guess I could say I am now an author. Now at the age of 31 I have finally found something that I truely enjoy doing that is just for me, and my readers of course. I still work a full time day job, which I also enjoy. 

I found writing to be a way to pass time and vent emotions. While in high school I wrote a couple of very short stories and upwards of 100 poems. I didn’t really think of writting as a hobby or something I could do to make money until recently. Scatch that, I had thought and hoped that it could be, but never commited myself to it fully. I spent years playing video games, reading books, watching documentarie, yet I sepnt very little time writting.

In late 2009 I started working on some outlines and some characters. in the summer of 2010 I sat down to write “Return of the Queen”. I had the first draft done in three months. It was the editing and rereading that took the longest. Just 13 months after I wrote the first chapters of the book it was done. Not long after that I started working on book 2 of the Auryona series. This was a part time project as I tried to decide between Book 2 or begining the BiosSphere series. Only days after I decided to concentrate on Book 2 primarily, a friend reminded me about NaNoWriMo. To me this sounded like an adventure in writing and mental chaos. It was! I fell short of the 50,000 word goal, however I started with nothing. At 12:05 am on November 1st I wrote the first line of an entirely new story, UnderCity.  

I plan to complete UnderCity soon. Once it is complete I will move on to a story that has crept up on me and refuses to be quiet.

Check out the Status page here for updates and progress.

You can also find me on Twitter and facebook.

Happy reading – Do what you enjoy doing and enjoy what you do.


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