“Josephine sat at the base of the grand staircase, her pistol at her feet. She knew it was only a mater of time before the beasts found her there.”

In the not so distant future it is a far different world. The mutations were first reported on the west coast of the United States. Scientists had developed the greatest gift to mankind, the cure for all illness. Though shortly after it was administered, through means not approved by the FDA, things went horribly wrong.

Unforseen genetic mutations began to appear. All the science and studies could not prepare anyone for what the world was going to become. Many humans and animals were mutated by the genetic anti-biotic. Some fared better than others. Some humans were granted abilities unlocked by the genetic altering, speed, strength, acute senses, etc. Others were turned into monsters, as ugly as they were deadly. The luckiest ones died before things turned worse and Humans turned to the under ground subways, the caves, the UnderCity.


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