UnderCity in my honest opinion was a great bundle of story and characters. Where I got stuck in NaNo 2011 and for over a year following that was not “writers block”. It was more of a case of “writers OMG enough! Only one character speak at once. Why are you talking you are from a different book. Who the heck is that and why is he here with Siro”. Yeah, you can get a hint of why I have been absent from the writing desk for some time. 


What began as a single glob of story has evolved into more. I am now seeing, and have the basis for 2 different books surrounding UnderCity. 

UnderCity: Gifts of the Rain.  (Book One)
This story begins where the original UnderCity took place. Strange mutations begin to take place across the country, rapidly spreading around the globe. You will be taken on a journey through this harsh world following the stories of four groups of people as they evolve in their own ways. Society holds on by a thread as humans take shelter in various underground locations across the country. As humans and animals alike mutate into beasts, civilization will evolve and mutate in its own way. 

UnderCity: (Book Two) 
What happens after nearly a generation of life underground? What happens to a mutating race of creatures after a generation? A new mutation arises, a new step in global human evolution. A new world above and below ground. A new Genesis. 


Some of you are probably saying “Why would we want to read a book that’s not yet written, and is already a series?”. Because it’s awesome! That’s why. The stories will take place years apart from each other, this is true. What will be different than other series is they will be released close to each other. This primarily because I cant keep the characters from all talking at once. So … sanity permitting much of these two stories will be written at the same time. Both stories already have content penned. 

If you want to learn more about UnderCity follow the link at the top of this page. Thank you for stopping by my blog, happy reading, happy writing. 

T. D. Wulf