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Detective Rodriguez stood outside the interrogation room, he paused looking at the cold steel door. He knew this would be the most difficult interrogation he had ever done. No one knew exactly how many people this criminal had killed. With a deep breath Rodriguez opened the door and stepped into the room. The room was small and well-lit. In the center of the room sat a large metal table graced by two metal chairs. Rodriguez took his seat across the table from the dark instrument of death. Nothing was said for a moment as Rodriguez looked across the table at the cold hard killer. He could almost see the remorse and fear pouring from the killer’s cold body. “Why don’t you tell me why you are here?” His voice cut through the still air of the room. The cold voice of the killer recoiled through the room. “I was pulled to kill.” “Pulled by who?” “Many, those who felt the need to use my abilities for evil.” The killer’s voice was hard and cold like steel. “So you are saying that you are not responsible for these murders?” “I am not responsible. I was involved, but not of my own will.” This time his voice was shallow and danced with an air of sadness. “Colt, you were there it was your hand that killed these people. Yet you are trying to tell me that you are not responsible at all?” Rodriguez did his best to hold back the anger he felt. “Yes” Colts response was quick and sharp. Rodriguez paused for a moment, and thumbed through the case file. The scenes were nothing he had not seen before. Though gruesome, the kills were quick. Rodriguez tried to understand how someone could create such carnage and remain so cold and calm.

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