NanoWriMo has come to a close for 2011. My final word count is just under 16 thousand. I made it just over a quarter of the way to 50k and a win. Im not bummed though, I dont feel like I failed, I don’t feel ashamed. Im actually rather satisfied with myself and what I did.

Just 30 days ago I wrote the first sentence in a story that would evolve as I worte. I had not outline, no premise, no characters. I wrote the first thing I could think of as a gripping first line. With two sentences my first of many characters in UnderCity was born, and the action set the stage for the rest.

In 30 days I started from a purely blank slate and arrived at 16 thousands words into a good story that I am enjoying writing. NaNo helped me bring this story to life, for that I am greatful, and proud of the progress I made.

To all the other NaNo writers out there anything more than a blank page is progress. Do not beat yourself up for coming up short if you did, and if you hit 50k or more celebrate it you acomplished what we set out to do.

I know that I will celebrate my 16k and I will continue writing the story until it is done. Keep writing, keep creative,,, and most of all enjoy it.