While I have not thrown in the towel on hitting 50k words for NaNoWriMo I have been humbled by the task. Balancing work, real life, and a novel in one month is a bit to take on. I think I knew that going into this task, yet I have become more aware of what a great feat it is.

I have learned that my writting style is far less linear than simply writing a story in one month, ready go. I wrote Return of the Queen in just under three months and it is 95k words. Now as I think back on it I went a couple of weeks at a time without writting a single word only to pour out 30 pages in a weekend.

Right now I am sitting at 12k towards my NaNo goal and hope to have a 30k word weekend. I do however find myself not as excited about writting as I was when I had no deadline. Don’t get me wrong im still enjoying the story and seeing the characters come to life. Motivation is where I am struggling. If I think about going to write, it feels a little like WORK (ack the evil W word). Once I do jump in and start writting I am again taken on a journey into the world of my imagination (that twisted, funny and occasionally as random as polka dot socks on an artic fox, place that it is.)

While I am not giving up on the journey, I can say that I am humbly resting at base camp looking at the sumit with great respect. I now know that I work far better on anything if I can do it on MY time.

Heres to better planning, knowing what I am getting into, and sticking to it.

Good luck to all the NaNo writers out there… ALL writers out there. Do what you love, and love what you do.