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A New Adventure – Ancestral Legends

A few weeks ago I had a moment of clear thought, or at least I thought it was. I decided that I was going to merge my two creative loves, gaming and writing, into one project. So I set to work on creating a table top fantasy RPG.

For the past three weeks I have put about 3-5 hours per night into this project. I have made a great deal of progress but the road ahead is long.

What is done so far:
The base for the rule system is SRD (Pathfinder/v3.5). I have made some adjustments as well as some additions.

Rule Changes:

  • Alignment
  • Encumbrance rules
  • Dual Wielding Rules
  • Spell book/casting rules
  • Crafting

Rule Additions:

  • Ancestral Heroes
  • Ancestral Legends – End game
  • Honor
  • Prestige
  • Housing/Castles
  • Various Item Rules

Other Work:

  • 31 Character Classes / Sub-classes
  • 15 Races
  • 1 completed World with countries, capitals, travel points, culture and some lore.
  • Layouts for and some lore for 12 additional worlds
  • Concepts and lore around post level 20 “endgame” adventures

Most of the above list has been laid out and simulated with excel formulas. Now begins the fun work of putting the mess of notes and ideas into a well laid out system that flows with the lore.